PZ: Orange Fruit

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Shit! I was about to walk out of the house when I realized I’ve violated my own promise to post shorter pieces. So here’s a little picture I took.

I’m not quite sure when I took this picture but it was months ago. It isn’t the best picture I ever took either. But I’ve never deleted it and it’s been sitting around all alone in a certain file where I put things that I don’t know what to do with them. But now it’s come in handy as I needed something new but short to post so yay.

I have no idea what that fruit is on the tree, it’s probably why I took the picture. It’s definitely not a commercial orange type thing. In the background is the center-west portion of beautiful downtown Unicorn City.

11 thoughts on “PZ: Orange Fruit

  1. Oooh I have a picture of the hmuums dip that my husband made for his work team meeting. They had a kind of baking competition that was judged on taste, texture, presentation etc. He piped the dip into a potty and even included a little smudge on the edge. He won the competition!


    1. Well you can eat it, sort of… they make an infusion (“ceai de macese”) out of this… pardon the lack of diacritics, the “a” has a rounded u-shaped hat (like in “mar”, apple), and the “s” has a cedilla underneath (like in “sapte”); thus, the singular “maceasa” and the plural “macese” are pronounced kind of like “muh-chya-shuh” and “muh-che-she” respectively. Grrr my fingers hurt. And while I’m at it, you can also eat roses, in the form of rose petal preserves (“dulceata de petale de trandafir” or simply “dulceata de trandafiri”).


      1. Great! Thank you for telling me this… now I must get there to see it for myself.

        Felicitari pentru blog si pentru cum te-ai adaptat pe meleagurile noastre stramosesti! ;)
        Cred ca ai putea sa ne inveti si pe noi sa fim romani si sa fim mandri de asta! :)


  2. Este o maceasa. Asa cum a spus “Io” – este “fructul” unui soi de trandafir catarator. Dar, intr-adevar, la prima vedere arata ca o portocala. Only if you magnify the picture you can see it better. Now you know:)


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