Poza Zilei: Apa Sfintita

Above is the jug of holy water (apa sfintita) that I picked up on Friday. If you’re from North America, your first reaction is probably that it looks like a jug of maple syrup. No, in Romania this is how they distributed the holy water (by the truckload). The jug is a cheap plastic thing and you can’t really see it in the picture but it says “apa sfintita” on the visible side and there’s a traditional Orthodox icon of the Mary and baby Jesus on the inverse side. Kind of weird considering that this water was distributed as part of Saint John the Baptist holiday but they probably only have one version of this plastic jug.

Alas, I didn’t have my good camera with me so this picture was taken with my phone camera. You can see here the people distributing the cases of holy water in the big square in front of the Orthodox cathedral. I didn’t get there at the beginning but judging by the trash, there were easily enough jugs of water to fill up an entire tractor trailor (TIR). I don’t quite know how they bless the water in large volumes like this but this was quite a big operation.

For the record, I drank some of it on the spot (I was thirsty and they said it was okay) and used the rest to make coffee. It was “flat” (no bubbles) and had a kind of strong metallic taste but it was neither terrible nor delicious, sort of about medium quality in terms of taste. I’ll wait to see if any spiritual effects take place as a result of drinking this :)