Proof of Civilization

I’m going to file this post under Poza Zilei (Picture of the day) because I’m going to write a much longer post in the near future on the subject but today’s photo was taken inside an intercity bus.

This sign encapsulates the kind of hectoring attitude that is pretty prevalent in Romania, about which I’ve written about at length here (and in my book) under the rubric The Scolding of Righteousness.

Proof of Civilization

Because the wording is a little alien to English, as well as to help those of you learning Romanian, I’m going to translate it twice.

First, literally:

From respect for those that climb in bus after you, keeping cleanliness in buses we give proof of civilization.

And more conventionally:

Out of respect to those who will ride this bus after you, please keep the bus tidy as a way of keeping things civilized

Whew! Even in Romanian the phrasing is a little awkward but essentially someone thought up the words for this sign and then printed them out on their computer and pinned it to the upper right-hand corner of the front window of the bus. And it’s just yelling at people to not leave trash around in the seats.

Note: The verb urca literally means to “go up” or “to climb”. In Romanian the verb urca is used any time someone boards or gets onto/into any sort of vehicle. Likewise coboara (to descend or go down) is used any time someone exits, deplanes, disembarks or otherwise gets out of a vehicle.

As you know, I’ve been on the road as part of the film project and my vacation in the first week of August and I’ve ridden more inter-city buses in the last month than I probably have in the last year. I’ve always been a fan of Romanian railways (as is well documented hehe) but with recent price increases and scheduling, I’ve found myself riding a lot of intercity buses here recently.

Honestly if you’re looking for adventures in traveling, the inter city bus is now your best bet these days. I’ve had some fairly good experiences as well as some horrific ones and therefore the topic deserves an entire post so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, enjoy the picture (click on it for the larger version) and wherever and however you are traveling in this broad land, have fun and stay safe!

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