“Bogdin” Returns to Breaking Bad

Well if you’ve been reading my blog for a very long time, you might remember that I discovered there was a Romanian actor appearing in first season of the popular American TV series “Breaking Bad”.

Due to the way this show is filmed, minor characters return after extended absences, and both episode 2 and 3 of season four (the current one) feature “Bogdan” once again, played by Marius Stan.

As it turns out, I was right in that Marius Stan is a Romanian (link in Romanian) and his normal job is a physicist in New Mexico. I was also right in my original guess that Mr. Stan has spent a long time in the United States (14 years now) as his Romanian accent sounds very odd to me.

Interestingly enough, in the first season everyone pronounced his character’s name as “Bog Dan” (two words) while in season four it became garbled to something like “Bogdin”, neither one even close to being correct :P

Although “Bogdin” is and remains a minor character, it was good to hear a little Romanian being spoken on a primetime American show. “Bogdin” ends up being screwed over by the show’s main protagonists but hey, baby steps, baby steps.