Romania Libera Article

YES!!! It’s now here!!!!!

Este născut în America, ţara tuturor posibilităţilor, dar de cinci ani locuieşte în România şi vrea să îşi petreacă tot restul vieţii aici. Sam R. este atât de îndrăgostit de ţara noastră, încât a scris o carte cu sfaturi pentru turiştii străini care ne vizitează. A învăţat româna citind ziare şi ascultând manele. În plus, se consideră “mai român decât românii” şi se autoproclamă “regele României”.

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8 thoughts on “Romania Libera Article

  1. Dear Mr Sam, it’s easy to live, work or make business in USA for 10-15 years and then move yourself in a third world country to spend the money you have there. I wish to switch places with you, if you have the right to live and work here, maybe you’ll talk with your fellow americans to give us the same rights you have here. It’s not fair to be iterested only in our doctors and programmers. If I would have the right to work and live in the states, maybe after 10 years, I’d like my country, do you know that 2 milion Romanian people have chosen to work in foreign contryes, because the average salary in the public administration and other state jobs are paid with 3-400USD/month? Try to work there a few months, and then tell me what you think… Do you know that in 20 years they builded only 300km of highway, when the necesary today is around 2000? 20 years, can you imagine that? I can go on like this until tomorow… The bottom line is this, for everybody is a really beautiful country, but for you is better because you have enough money, you like in here because you haven’t faced the system yet…


    1. Are u for real??? What has Sam to do with your or other romanians problems??? If u had read his posts u would have seen that we came here quite moneyless, not with “the money he had there”….. maybe you might say the same thing about me – cause i lived for 7 years in Bucharest and now i am in my small transylvanian hometown – so i came from a metropolitan area to spend my money here – it is my choice, the same it was Sam’s choice to come here, the same is your choice to do whatever you want to do with your life. Stop whining…


      1. You could have made a stop to several other countries you would fare as better living than Romania, and by this I don’t mean only in Europe. I don’t consider Romania bad, but the fact that Romanians still move to Spain during a time of crisis in Spain indicates that public opinion is different. I know romquaker, he has been in US for enough long to be able to compare with Romania. I support him in his opinion that we should be free to work in US. I have lived there legally, I know people in Missouri speaking only Spanish, having no visa, and yet they work there. Don’t tell me justice is served, please. Yes, it is much much worse in other countries than it is in Romania. But in matters of respect for people, self responsibility, community, environment, etc. it is not that shiny. BTW, what is it so bad about US, come again, please?


      2. Without bringing my personal opinions into view too much I would just like to say that you and your whole example about Hispanics in the U.S. is totally unreasonable. Oh noes, there’s people in Missouri speaking only Spanish being in the U.S. illegally! Rabble rabble how is that fair? rabble rabble I demand Romanians get to do it to. You seem to ignore 3 things.
        1. No one is for illegal immigration is the U.S.
        2. They have the benefit of a land border, which is why they are such a problem here.
        3. Despite thousands of km distance, plenty of Romanians here illegally just like the Hispanics.
        So in the end your comparison is unreasonable. So what other people get to work here illegally, and poor little Romanians don’t get to work here legally? BOO HOO, cry more. Life isn’t fair, the world is unfair, deal with it. And don’t turn a national U.S. problem (uncontrolled illegal immigration from S. America) into an opportunity for profit for Romanians. Just because they have a damn land border doesn’t mean they should be taken into account when discussing U.S. visas for countries similar to Romania (which I agree should be reviewed, more diverse immigration to the U.S. the better). And before you question my credibility, I’m Romanian, living in the U.S. in… guess where? Arizona. That’s right, border state. I can see first hand this problem.
        Damn… can’t believe my first comment on your blog was a rage infused rant. Sorry Sam, I get carried away sometimes at my fellow countrymen abroad, who are either USA USA USA snobs who forgot their country, or nostalgic sad persons in a state of constant homesickness who always claim Romania was better. Middle ground people, middle ground!


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