Children of Men

The other day I was reminded of yet another Romanian in TV/film, in this case the 2006 movie Children of Men.

If you’ve seen this film, the protagonists get inside the camp and are met with their “inside contact”, a lady whose name is Marichka. I might be wrong but I think she’s kind of portrayed as a gypsy. In any event, she doesn’t speak any English and she’s constantly muttering in a foreign language.

Well that language is Romanian and by checking I see it was actually a Romanian actress, whom I’ve never heard of but that means nothing as I’m fairly media illiterate. Nonetheless, her Romanian is very mumbly and hard to hear/understand but it seems very appropriate to what’s happening in the scene (thank goodness). Her waving and saying “copil” at the end is a bit of a tear-jerker if you understood that.

Weird thing of course is that, as far as I know, Marichka is a Ukrainian name and I’ve never heard of a Romanian woman named that. Oh well, шо ви можете зробити? :D

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  1. Razvan says:

    Oana Pellea e o actrita destul de cunoscuta – fiica unuia dintre cei mai cunoscuti si iubiti actori romani – Amza Pellea ( creatorul personajului “Nea Marin”

    Oana Pellea is a fairly known romanian actress, the daughter of one of the best known romanian actors – Amza Pellea (


  2. tudor says:

    Maricica e romanesc. Maricica. Adica Maria aia mica :)


  3. Bezbojnicul says:

    I would say the origin of the word is Hungarian, as it’s used almost exclusively in Ardeal, and, it has a hungarian corespondent: “jaj!” which is the same thing. This [ ] hu-eng dictionary translates jaj (ioi) as “alas!”

    Also, on an urelated note, you might like this Romanian article about foreigners in Ro:


    1. Bezbojnicul says:

      Shit, I posted the above comment to the wrong article. Oh well, my bad. Also, check this out:


    2. Sam R. says:

      yah interesting link – and as for Ardeal words, well I DO live here so I tend to hear these more often and while I’ve traveled quite a bit, most of my long conversations have been here bineinteles :D


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