Yep… even more visitors

I keep posting these because I know, deep down in my heart of hearts, that this is shocking reading material for most Romanians – the fact that people come here, visit here, live here and yes like it here.

So without further adieu, this woman just arrived in Bucharest, apparently for a “cross-cultural book exchange”:

Shopping is like…Brooklyn! No big department stores or supermarkets..just small grocery shops, butcher and cheese shops, and lots of pharmacys. There are Western Unions on every street corner! The subway cars are very clean…I have to mention this because I’ve never been in a clean subway car. Daniela had to go to work today, so I was out exploring most of the day, shopping for food and necessities like soap and matches (to light the gas stove…(still haven’t figured that one out.)

And…speaking of language…I am getting around quite well on my own. I can’t read anything, but I can speak enough to find what I need! I am really happy I took the time to study the language for the past 18 months! All that time I listened to my language CD’s really paid off. I was pulling words out of the air like a pro!

Well there you go! Awesome.

And I found out some Fulbright American is going to be teaching down the hill from me for the next 9 months and his blog is here, entitled “Discovering What I Don’t Know About Romania”, which at the moment seems to be “one hell of a lot” :D

I wasn’t sure Chocolate Chip Cookies were as common in this culture as in ours, most cookies I’ve encountered are in the prepackaged “food-like-substance” category, so Cami helped me to engineer a cultural exchange. Yumm!

The use of title caps for “Chocolate Chip Cookies” just made me laugh.

But aww… apparently The Great Professor doesn’t like to do much walking *snort*:

Bus stops are centrally designed to be every 1000 meters, regardless if the rider population would support stops every 500 meters or every block. Transfers aren’t particularly coordinated; everyone seems to expect to walk 300 meters or so between bus routes. Apparently, no one thinks to themselves, “if the 30 would let me out 200 meters down the block, and the 38 would pick up 100 meters closer to the corner, then I wouldn’t have to trudge through the snow and rain every day;” or they keep it to themselves.

Good luck in getting around my town, especially when it snows PE BUNA (for real) :D

UPDATE: Oh I think I just realized why he’s bitching.  If he’s teaching where I think he’s teaching (on Horea) and he’s living in Grigorescu, he must be walking up all the way to Memorandumului.  Mercy!  If that’s the case, you need to take the 27 bus because it’s a heck of a lot closer because you can pick it up on Dacia right down from the salsa club.

DOUBLE UPDATE: I just realized he’s also talking about the 38, which runs right to Gruia Cartierul Minunilor.  But why on Earth would he be taking both the 30 and the 38?  I thought I was aware of all B-B campuses but I guess not.  Professor, if you read this and you’re living in Gruia, you need to find a street called Rosetti and it’s going to solve all your problems and f-ck the bus entirely.  If you live in Grigorescu and teach on Horea, take the 27.

8 thoughts on “Yep… even more visitors

  1. Dear Sam…I am wondering why you were living in Romania…could you by any chance be in the Peace Corps? If so, I must tell you I am heading for Ukraine in March to volunteer. I will be teaching Secondary School English.


  2. Dear Sam…thanks for the update. About winter clothes….that is what I packed for my trip here, and I am dreadfully HOT! I live in New England so this is a bit of a cakewalk for me. This said, I am only staying until mid-November, then I am off the Amsterdam to visit friends where it will be damp and cold…just like home!


    1. Oh I completely forgot to mention Felix brand tastes like sh*t. Maxim is very similar to Jif in the United States tho so that’s definitely the one to get. It’ll also run you 10-12 lei per tiny jar too, so if you’re craving PB I recommend someone from home mail you a big old jar of it :D


  3. Your Highness….

    You have made my day. Not only have I figured out the stove, but just knowing that someone is watching over me while I am here warms my heart to no end.

    One more thing you can tell me…if there are chocolate chip cookies in Romania, then there MUST be peanut butter. Please tell me, oh exhalted one, where I may purchase such a product?


    1. Peanut butter DOES exist in Romania, either under “Felix” brand or under “Maxim” brand, both of which I believe are made in India although “Felix” has a range of nuts for sale in most stores (just not always PB). Felix PB jars have a blue lid and Maxim a red, both small jars and in Romanian this is called unt de arahide, literally “butter of peanuts”.

      In Cluj or Timisoara I could tell you exactly where to find it but in Bucharest your bet bet is going to be a “hipermarket”, especially Carrefour or Cora and less so Metro, REAL or Selgros. It will probably be near the Finetti/Nutella chocolate spreads near the honey in whatever store you find it at.

      Also, small expensive stores will sometimes have it but it is a fairly rare food in Romania.


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