In Fata Tronului


Check out this awesome video from YouTube. If you remember the one I posted just here last Friday then you can see there’s a new trend coming – the romaniophile!

Best part: the “showing of the souvenirs”. Yes!!

Actually I told a lie. The best part is that the woman in the video is a reader of this blog, who seems to be a Lazy Singer (and a very talented one) who is now engaged to be married to a Romanian sadly to a regular American. Casa de piatra!

She also has a blog too, although it isn’t non-stop about Romania. Check out this entry for a taste:

I’ve been to Romania three times in the last four years, all with groups from college. I loved the country before I ever set foot there, and the moment I stepped off the plane the first time, that love was only intensified. The people are incredibly beautiful, humble, and vibrant. The food is to die for. The scenery is stunning and diverse. And the language is musical.


And she also posted a link to one of the most classic Romanian songs of all time, known as Asa Beau Oamenii Buni or “Thusly drinks the good people”. There’s a faster, modernized version on the link on my side bar.

Since the version she posted is so easy to sing, I have a request! I will post the lyrics below in the hopes that she will record herself singing this awesome song, which will definitely impress her future in-laws. It’s also a great way to learn the days of the week.

Note: Every line is repeated twice.

Romanian Pronunciation Regular English
Asa beau oamenii buni ah-shah bow wamen-ee boon Thusly drink the good people
De simbata pana luni Day some-bought-ah puh-nuh loon from Saturday to Monday.
Asa beau oamenii frati ah-shaw bow wamen-ee frots Thusly drink the brotherly people
De sambata pana marti day some-bought-ah puh-nuh marts from Saturday to Tuesday.
Asa beau oameni cu cecuri ah-shaw bow wamen coo check-oor Thusly drink the people who have a steady job
De sambata pana miercuri day some-bought-ah puh-nuh me-air-coor from Saturday to Wednesday.
Asa beau oameni ca noi ah-shaw bow wamen kah noy Thusly drink people like us
De sambata pana joi day some-bought-ah puh-nuh joy from Saturday to Thursday.
Asa beau oamenii tineri ah-shaw bow wamen-ee tea-nair Thusly drink the young people
De sambata pana vineri day some-bought-ah puh-nuh vee-nair from Saturday to Friday.
C-asa beau si eu si tata cah-shaw bow she yew she tah-tah Just like this drink I and my father
Dintr-o simbata intr-alta deen-trow some-bought-ah intralt-ah from one Saturday straight to the next.
De n-ar fi horinca-n sat day nar fee hoe rink awn sot If there was no horinca in the village
Niciodata n-as fi bat neech-o dotta nosh fee bot I’d never be drunk.
Dar asa horinca este dar ash-ah hoe rink-ah yest-eh But guess what? There is some horinca
Si-s la lume de poveste she’s la loo-meh day povest-eh and it gets us to telling many a tall tale.
Ca ma povestesc in sat come-ah povest-esk in sot I start telling stories in the village
C-am baut si iara-s bat com bah-oot she yaras bot and realize once again I’m drunk.

You might notice he’s using some older pronunciations (esp in how he says “beau”) as well as saying “bat” instead of what I presume is beat (bay-ot) to fit in the rhyme structure.

And last but not least, numai sa stii…

Est din Ungaria, blogul Probably Tabitha e cel mai tare din parcare ;)

4 thoughts on “In Fata Tronului

  1. Those last 3 verses in the song are a though nut to crack, and can put even the king of Romania into difficulty :) The idea is that other people in the village are gossiping about our hero’s drinking habits.
    Si-s la lume de poveste=Si [eu] is(sunt) la lume de poveste, which would translate something like “And I’m the subject of people’s tales”
    Ca ma povestesc in sat is more like “For they say about me in the village”
    C-am baut si iara-s bat=Ca [eu] am baut si iara is(sunt)bat, translated to “that I drank and I’m again drunk”

    And also, last but not least
    La Est din de Ungaria, blogul Probably Tabitha e cel mai tare din parcare ;)


  2. Cool! Thanks so much for the shout-out, and I will TOTALLY sing that song on video. I’ll try to get it done in the next week or so and I’ll let you know when it’s posted on YouTube.

    BTW, I’m actually not engaged to a Romanian; I’m married to an American! But I sure had my fair share of setup attempts while I was in Romania! :-P


    1. Awesome! I’ll definitely put it up here too :)

      BTW I showed your video to The Woman and she gave ya a big two thumbs up on your awesome shirt. You have to realize 99.99% of Romanians have never heard their language spoken with an accent so you’re blowing their minds.

      Sorry for your loss (no Romanian husband) but I wish you hundreds of fat children :D


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