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Merry Christmas!

I know it may seem strange to some but my all-time favorite television channel is the Weather Channel (in America). Sadly, there is no equivalent here in Europe so for my Christmas present to all of you, I decided to make one with all of the weather forecasts for today, December 25, 2013. In order:… Read More ›

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Iarna s-a Instalat

Winter is clearly here in Romania, with cold temperatures and snow just about everywhere. For some reason, it made the following song pop into my head. It may not be for everyone’s taste but I find it very touching.

Weather Guide to Romania

Whew, woke up this morning to find a distinctive chill in the air (13C/55F) and had to wear a jacket for the first time in months to make a quick run (ok, stroll :P) to the neighborhood store. Romania has approximately three large geographic zones (see my post here) but they all have roughly the… Read More ›