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If you don't know who I am, you have no business talking about Transnistria

The Battle of Tiraspol

Over the weekend I’ve watched with growing dismay as the propaganda war over Transnistria has been heating up. As Hiram Johnson once (allegedly) said, “The first casualty of war is the truth” and during this latest buildup of tensions between Russia and “the West” that’s certainly been the case so I figured I’d do my… Read More ›

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The Russian who saved Romania

Die Stadt Bukarest ist von meinen Truppen besetzt

In working on my iPad book (which had some technical errors and needed to be re-submitted – should be ready soon!), I was reminded of the curious fact that Iaşi was the capital of all of Romania from 1916-1918. That’s an interesting piece of trivia but quite frankly I never knew why the government left… Read More ›


October 1, 1942

Except for people who are extremely interested in World War 2 history, very few people outside of Russia remember the “Battle for the Caucasus” anymore. Despite this, the city of Novorossiysk (spelled Novorossiisk above and Новороссийск in Russian) was one of just 12 cities awarded “Hero City” status by the Soviet Union. The image above… Read More ›