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Yates v. United States

As I’ve written about before, way back in April of last year (wow!) a Romanian soldier mistook me for a native Romanian, which was quite a revelation to me (since then it’s happened several more times, including Wednesday night at the English speakers meeting). That event sparked me to start writing this blog and then… Read More ›

Early Christmas, Caves, Timisoara, Hungry, Homesick and a Peck of Missionaries

Let’s dip our toes in the pool and see what we come up with, eh? :D First off, turns out if you’re interesting in caves, caving and cave exploration, this is your guy. With Romania being such a mountainous and hilly country, there are caves all OVER the place, some of them quite amazing. Yet… Read More ›

A Trip to Sibiu, Confusion, Baby-Biting Gypsies and Cluj Gets Some Visitors

Folks, I have to admit I first started keeping an eye on online commentary (mostly blogs and twitter) just out of curiosity. Then on days when I am busy, it’s a rather “quick” way to scare up a new blog post. Sometimes it leads you down some strange paths, that’s for sure. Luckily, today’s mix… Read More ›