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The only way to catch a criminal is to BE a criminal!

Good Hitting Police

Word Count: 698 A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to visit the lovely city of Odessa in Ukraine. A casual comment got one supporter all riled up, which led me to write a lengthy response. Since then, I pointed the Unsleeping Eye towards activities in that neck of the woods, and discovered… Read More ›


Choo-Choo! Riding the Rails Moldova Style

WORD COUNT: 1240 Ever since writing my seminal piece about riding Romanian trains five years ago (with many follow-up tales, like this one), I’ve been burning with desire to ride some trains in (the Republic of) Moldova. Luckily, this week, I finally got my chance! There are a lot of differences, the most important being… Read More ›


Dill Heads

WORD COUNT: 530 One of the unexpected bonuses of learning Russian is discovering just how how much comedy exists in that language. I was always raised to think of Russia as a dour, dull place, but underneath that grey exterior exists a beating humorous heart. Russians engaged in fighting Ukrainians have come up with an… Read More ›