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Taxi Drivers in Bucharest

The filming continues like wildfire and it’s been absolutely amazing meeting so many people, both visitors and residents alike, with their informative and interesting opinions on Romania and life here in this unique country. Sadly, one of the people we interviewed brought up a problem I’ve heard many times before, which is that taxi drivers… Read More ›

A Trip to Sibiu, Confusion, Baby-Biting Gypsies and Cluj Gets Some Visitors

Folks, I have to admit I first started keeping an eye on online commentary (mostly blogs and twitter) just out of curiosity. Then on days when I am busy, it’s a rather “quick” way to scare up a new blog post. Sometimes it leads you down some strange paths, that’s for sure. Luckily, today’s mix… Read More ›

Souveneir Recommendations, Celebrities and Thoughts on Romanisa

Totally unrelated but for some reason this morning I was googling “I’m more American than you” with some particularly hilarious results :P Back to Romania, I found this lovely entry written in English by a French visitor. She’s not a native speaker but she did have some interesting observations: When you ask someone “What kind… Read More ›