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Victoria Nuland and Geoff Pyatt surveying America's future domain

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

I spent several hours yesterday and this morning in the disagreeable task of digging through the career of Victoria Nuland after the western media reported on a YouTube video of an intercepted telephone call in which Nuland and American Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey “Geoff” Pyatt are heard discussing their plans for the future of Ukraine’s… Read More ›

An Apparatus For Signaling by Musical Notes

Many, many moons ago, some American friends of mine flew into Budapest, Hungary where I met them for a brief tour before we all went to Romania. My friends did not speak a single word of the Hungarian language but nonetheless did comprehend the word telefon written on a billboard. It’s the same word in… Read More ›

Let’s Talk About Telephones

A few years ago, the government re-arranged telephone numbers in this country to make them a lot simpler to use. Nonetheless, it can sometimes be confusing. To understand, let’s look at a real telephone number, that of the mayor of Cluj, the city where I live: +40 264.592.301 To begin with, the +40 is Romania’s… Read More ›