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The Worst Blogger in the World

In case you’re afraid I’m going to make you read 5,000 words before getting to the conclusion, I’ll save you the trouble. The worst blogger in the world is clearly me. Nearly four years ago (wow how time flies!) I wrote a fun little post called Flying Chocolately Goodness, all about how much I love… Read More ›

A Few Tips on Flying to Romania (and elsewhere)

You know, I spent years living in Romania collecting experiences and anecdotes, I wrote hundreds of posts about this country, I quit my job to write a book about traveling and visiting Romania and in the last three weeks I’ve met tons of people to discuss this very subject, right down to giving a couple… Read More ›

La Noi Ca La Nimeni

Wow! I know technically it’s a violation of Romanian Cultural Law to even say this but the truth is I had a wonderful time in Bucharest. Walked off the plane and there was someone right there waiting for me, holding up a sign that said “Sam Cel Roman”. If that isn’t the coolest thing, I… Read More ›