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Word of the Day: Iar

Speaking of absolutely no Slavic influence whatsoever in the Romanian language, it’s a good time to look at the word iar (yar). If you are a native English (or Italian/Spanish/French etc) speaker than you have to understand that in some *coughcough* languages there’s actually two ways to say the word “and”. If you’re a beginner… Read More ›

Word of the Day: Ba

Again folks, we must remember that there is absolutely no Slavic influence on grammar, pronunciation or anything else. Or if there is some influence it is “minor” and “very little” :P Nonetheless, time to examine the (ordinary) word ba (bah), which while short and sweet, is important. The DEX has a perfect definition: (Expressed in… Read More ›

In The Room The Women Come And Go (Not Talking Romanian Though)

Gosh, for some reason, recently I was talking about why I blog, especially about all this tedious Romanian stuff (like grammar), since it clearly isn’t for monetary reward. Mostly it’s just a real fun kind of thing for me and I do it just because I enjoy it, I guess. Well that got me thinking… Read More ›