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Important Wedding Update

Hi there. An important update to my wedding announcement yesterday. I fully understand that in the Romanian tradition, gifts are given after the wedding. If that’s what is more appropriate for you, that is perfectly fine. We will be married at 10:00am Romanian time (8am London, 2am New York) on September 22 and all the… Read More ›


Yupi! I’m Getting Married!!!!

Guess what? I’m getting married! Yaaaaaaaah!! If you live in Romania, open your window because you can probably hear me screaming with happiness all the way from here :PPP Honestly, I never thought it would ever happen. I’ve had some wonderful adventures, and shared my life with many wonderful people, and fell in love many… Read More ›

The Colony cover

The Colony Giveaway!

Finally! After a ton of hard work, my new book The Colony is now on sale. Yes! Not only did I have a ton of fun writing this book, the “beta” readers who got advanced copies of this book love it too. It’s been really great hearing the enthusiasm from people who have enjoyed reading… Read More ›