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Bianna Golodryga

Word Count: 198 Well folks, I’ve been living here in Moldova for more than a year now, and even married myself a local woman, but I have heard almost nothing about famous Moldovans. Oh sure, there are some, particularly noted musicians and dancers that enjoy great success in the Soviet Era, as well as one… Read More ›


Dill Heads

WORD COUNT: 530 One of the unexpected bonuses of learning Russian is discovering just how how much comedy exists in that language. I was always raised to think of Russia as a dour, dull place, but underneath that grey exterior exists a beating humorous heart. Russians engaged in fighting Ukrainians have come up with an… Read More ›

As American as baseball, apple pie and brainwashing propaganda

Pot versus Kettle

Unbeknownst to me, on the exact same day that I was writing my Moldovan parliamentary elections post, a writer named Andrew Higgins in America was busy writing an article for a major newspaper that was tangentially related to my article. In my post, I suggested that much of the anti-Russian hysteria was unjustified and vastly… Read More ›