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Expression of the Day – Pofta Mare/Buna

At some point in your travels in Romania you’re going to need to eat something and you’re going to hear a few phrases that would be useful to understand. Just like my post on drum bun earlier, these are phrases that are obligatory. This means they aren’t “oh hey use ’em whenever the mood strikes… Read More ›

Expression of the Day – Drum Bun

If you speak English and see the expression drum bun your mind conjures up a musical instrument for striking out rhythms combined with some kind of light bread style pastry and it makes NO SENSE. That being said, in Romanian it DOES make sense, sort of. Drum (pronounced droom) literally means a “road” or “path”… Read More ›

Slang Word of the Day – Hopa

Hopa (pronounced hope-ah) is a tough word to translate because it’s used in two different situations. The most general way to think of regular hopa is something like “oops-a-daisies”. For example: Waiter drops some dishes – HOPA! Your friend stumbles on the sidewalk – HOPA! You spill beer on yourself because you’re drunk – HOPA!… Read More ›