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As American as baseball, apple pie and brainwashing propaganda

Pot versus Kettle

Unbeknownst to me, on the exact same day that I was writing my Moldovan parliamentary elections post, a writer named Andrew Higgins in America was busy writing an article for a major newspaper that was tangentially related to my article. In my post, I suggested that much of the anti-Russian hysteria was unjustified and vastly… Read More ›

Smile and point your rifles at the camera

The Curious Case of the 100 Thousand

I was feeling pretty good the other day after writing my post about the December 1 festivities when someone pointed out to me that maybe I had my history wrong. I portrayed the 1918 declaration as a heroically brave but mostly symbolic gesture by just a few people but the history books say that over… Read More ›


La Multi Ani!

Well today is December 1, Romania’s National Day and one of the country’s biggest holidays. I currently am exiled from Romania and so it was a little bittersweet to watch everything on TV, seeing Traian Basescu stolidly enduring the snow one last final time before he steps off the political stage and leaves Romania’s future… Read More ›