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NPG D31036; Titus Oates after Unknown artist

The True and Exact Narrative of the Horrid Plot and Conspiracy of the Popish Party

If you go to London today and make your way to the intersection of Monument Street and Fish Street Hill (Google Maps link) you can see a large white obelisk with a golden top, the official monument to the Great Fire of London in 1666. For a little money, you can even climb the 311… Read More ›

Fun With Videos

Well as I mentioned last week, I now own a new computer. And I bought that computer specifically so I could do what I’ve wanted to do with editing and making videos. Below is a new clip I made for my favorite bar, using nothing but clips I filmed over three nights way back in… Read More ›

Hungarian Word of the Day: Buli

One of the easier Hungarian words to pronounce has to be the word buli, more or less just like you’d think it sounds. At least around here, it usually means a “party”, almost identical to the way the Romanian word chef is used. The Hungarian word buli has an interesting history, borrowed first from German… Read More ›