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A poem for David Ciceo

This weekend I was out at the Unicorn City Airport to pick up the SMG from another one of her endless training-uri when I saw that they were building a new gas (petrol) station alongside the main east-west street here in Cluj-Napoca. The bulldozers were still on site and most of the asphalt has yet… Read More ›

Google Earth 2000 years ago

Mad Men

I’ve been extraordinarily pleased with all the feedback I’ve been getting from readers about my new book The Colony. I was even stopped in a local store by someone who was reading the book, which was amazingly cool. I put a hell of a lot of hard work into writing a fast-paced story that’s easy… Read More ›


An Open Letter to the Boys in Powder Blue

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking since my arrest last week and talked to a few people and I’ve come to a firm decision. As far as I can determine, you do indeed have the legal “right” to stop anyone and everyone on the street and demand their identification, name and birthday and ID… Read More ›