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Where did Victor Ponta disappear to?

Victor Hides While Victoria Gently Chides

I saw the most extraordinary drama unfold over the past few days here in Romania and I knew I would have to comment on it. It all started with the American government deciding to implement certain aspects of its foreign policy. Exactly why this happened and what prompted it is a little too much inside… Read More ›

and watch your parking meters

Don’t follow leaders

As someone who maintains a site (nearly) exclusively focusing on Romania, it’s certainly incumbent upon me to mention that 2014 is a presidential election year in this country. After two turbulent 5-year terms in office, Basescu is required by law to step down this year. Who will replace him is anybody’s guess but yesterday I… Read More ›


Space Invaders

As you know by now, I’m watching about 10 news channels at any given time, including five Romanian ones and about 30 minutes ago I saw Mircea Dusa, the Defense Minister, flash up on all (the Romanian) screens at the same time. Why? First it was because he was giving an interview (including one on… Read More ›