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Music in Romania

When I first came to Romania, I was confronted with a wild and dazzling array of different kinds of music, most of which I had never heard before. It also didn’t help that I couldn’t understand the words either. In fact, due to my odd memory, I can tell you exactly which song I heard… Read More ›

How Sick And Evil Everybody Is

Daca esti roman, blogpostu urmatorul e interzis! Nu-l citesti! All Romanians cover your eyes! Yes, for the other three of you in room (hi, Fred :P), this is yet another entry in the category of manele, although it is based off an older Romanian folk song. The video can be found here and is entitled… Read More ›

Deconstructing Manele – Nu-i Carutza Ca Mertanu

I’ve been wanting to break down this song for a long time – it’s full of hilarious Gypsy slang and is a funny, silly song by Nicolae Guta. It has ALL the classic elements of a good Guta video: showing off money (wife slipping Euros in her pocket), total over the top brazenness (putting a… Read More ›