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I'd give all I own if I could but atone to that silver-haired Daddy of ourn

The Grandmaster

Many years ago I was eating dinner in a restaurant in Bucharest when my companions began pointing and whispering excitedly. It turned out that Gheorghe Hagi was eating at a nearby table. I not only didn’t recognize him by sight but I had literally never heard of him despite the fact that he is widely… Read More ›

Singing in the Dark

Looks like I wasn’t the only one: Romania’s National Bank (BNR) was left without electricity for about 20 minutes on Friday because of an “incident”, as electricity provider Electrica put it when contacted by HotNews.ro. BNR Governor Mugur Isarescu was not present at the bank headquarters when the incident took place.

The Bitter Taste of False Power

I haven’t been enticed by television in many a year now (thank the gods and the Man Jesus) but back in 2004, I was unemployed and freshly relocated to Romania, trying to learn the language. I watched a lot of television in those days and remember quite well the presidential elections of that year, in… Read More ›