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The warm smell of paprika rising up through the air

Well here in Unicorn City we’re in the middle of the yearly Hungarian Days festival which is perfect timing as always because there are exactly three Romanians left in the city. It’s a week long festival that culminates perfectly with Saint Stephen’s Day, the greatest hero in Hungarian history. I can’t say that I ever… Read More ›

Hungarian Word of the Day: Atom

Just about every language on the planet, including Hungarian, uses the Greek word atom to refer to one of the smallest units of matter in existence. The word comes from a (equivalent to English “un”) and tom meaning “to cut” because originally it was thought that it was the smallest unit and was “uncuttable” or… Read More ›

Hungarian Word of the Day: Buli

One of the easier Hungarian words to pronounce has to be the word buli, more or less just like you’d think it sounds. At least around here, it usually means a “party”, almost identical to the way the Romanian word chef is used. The Hungarian word buli has an interesting history, borrowed first from German… Read More ›