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Slang Word of the Day: Măr

Hopefully by now you know that măr (mur) means “apple”, from the Latin. However there’s an interesting expression using this word, a bate măr pe cineva, literally “to beat someone apple” means to issue a severe beat down on someone. You can hear Guta issue this phrase around minute 2:00 where he says (of Stefan… Read More ›

How Sick And Evil Everybody Is

Daca esti roman, blogpostu urmatorul e interzis! Nu-l citesti! All Romanians cover your eyes! Yes, for the other three of you in room (hi, Fred :P), this is yet another entry in the category of manele, although it is based off an older Romanian folk song. The video can be found here and is entitled… Read More ›

Pearly white smile of NICOLAE GUTA

Nicolae Guta, (Ex) King of all Romanians!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, time to learn about Nicolae Guţă (NEEK-OH-LIE GOOTSA), the man who was King of All Romanians before I came along. To understand Romania, you must understand who this man is and the kind of music he sings, known as manele. If you walk up to any normal Romanian and say “hey… Read More ›