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Un mare pas înainte

If you ask most Romanians what they think of Moldova, you’ll get the impression that they consider their smaller neighbor to be a beloved but backwards member of the family, the bucktoothed cousin who is awkward and unsophisticated but still loved and accepted because they’re kin. The other day I was speaking to someone about… Read More ›

Ladies and gentlemen, your government at work

Supradoza de Prostamol

I began wondering exactly how incompetent Ponta’s reign as prime minister (April 2012 to the present) has been and so began compiling a brief list, which led me to the creation of the video you can see below. I have to warn you, it’s quite staggering when you see it laid out all at once…. Read More ›

Fill 'er up!

A Profusion of Politicians

If you want to know why there are so many stupid and corrupt politicians in Romania, the first thing you have to understand is that there are a lot of politicians. Romania has a surplus of judete (counties), each of which has its own prefect (governor) and legislative council. Other countries in Europe which are… Read More ›