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Choo-Choo! Riding the Rails Moldova Style

WORD COUNT: 1240 Ever since writing my seminal piece about riding Romanian trains five years ago (with many follow-up tales, like this one), I’ve been burning with desire to ride some trains in (the Republic of) Moldova. Luckily, this week, I finally got my chance! There are a lot of differences, the most important being… Read More ›

Fun With Videos

Well as I mentioned last week, I now own a new computer. And I bought that computer specifically so I could do what I’ve wanted to do with editing and making videos. Below is a new clip I made for my favorite bar, using nothing but clips I filmed over three nights way back in… Read More ›

Riding That Train

Throughout the year and half I’ve been writing on this blog, by far the most popular article I’ve ever written was Choo-choo! Riding the rails ROMANIA style about some of my adventures on CFR Romanian Railways. It was a lot of fun writing that piece but I assure you that it is only a fraction… Read More ›