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Americans wanting to be Romanians

Wannabe Romanians ❤💛💙 https://t.co/4ka66CYlMY — Deyonce (@Dalmaghi) June 23, 2013 God bless Twitter (and Vine) is all I’m saying ;) About these ads

About these ads

Puddle Chickens

The tourist season is heating up (as usual, things kick off with a bang starting on May 1) and you may soon find yourself in an upscale restaurant in this country, salivating as you pore over the choices on the menu. If you see an entry called pui de balta, don’t be alarmed if you… Read More ›

Taietura Porcului

As someone who writes about Romania in (almost entirely) English, there’s always a risk that I will be badly misunderstood. Over the last 24 hours, I’ve actually had people read my post (on The Economist) and think I was the one saying Romania was racist. If you can’t understand I was saying the complete opposite,… Read More ›