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A million Changs to you all

A million thanks to all of you for an awesome first day of my Kickstarter Project. It’s been great seeing all the excitement (hey, I’m excited too) and the RT’s on Twitter and the shares on Facebook and messages and emails and all the rest. Amazing! The weather also turned golden here today and it… Read More ›

TIFF Local Competition 2013

Well folks, if you can understand a little Romanian, you get a treat today. Below is a short film I had intended to submit to the TIFF Local Competition this year but I was on an extremely lengthy road trip (story to come shortly) and returned back to Cluj too late to get it in… Read More ›


WOTD: Film vs. Film Serial

It’s really interesting understanding the etymology (origin) of words. In both Romanian and English the word film came from French, originally meaning a “thin coating” or a thin layer on the surface of something. The first films (referring to photographs or movies) were a special kind of paper which had a thin layer of chemicals… Read More ›