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Word of the Day: Pluta

In Romanian, the (standard) word for cork, as in the buoyant bark of a certain tree, is pluta (plew-tuh). When referring to the stopper in the top of a wine bottle (made from cork) however, the word is dop (dope). There are some interesting euphemisms using the word pluta. The one I’m most familiar with… Read More ›

Word of the Day: Spor

The other day I was talking to my mother and a phrase rose unbidden in my mind – “spor la treaba“. I didn’t actually say it though because while I know what it means I didn’t have a way to translate it. Spor la treaba (sometimes spor la lucru) is just a generic phrase Romanians… Read More ›

When A Kiss Is Just a Kiss

One of the interesting things about the Romanian language is that is has two words for “kiss” (either the noun or the verb), both of them coming from Latin, yet having two very distinct meanings. The first one – pup – comes from the Latin word for kissing someone, now only surviving in Italian (mostly… Read More ›