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Original claim to fame: most awesome moustache EVER

How a Minor Medieval Prince Became the Most Famous Killer in History

Word Count: 1689 In the ordinary course of things, one minor noble who struggled to hang onto his kingdom in the sparsely populated backwaters of an Eastern European principality in the Late Middle Ages would be familiar only to historians and antiquarians today. A prince who won and lost his throne three times and spent… Read More ›

Mr. Brown is a clown who rides through the town in a coffin

Reggae Dracula

The music of Bob Marley is very popular in this country. And that’s a wonderful tribute to the man but the sad fact remains that most Romanians know only a handful of his songs. They know those songs well but there are a lot of other awesome songs sung by Bob Marley (and the Wailers)… Read More ›

Is this the real map or is this just fantasy?

Bonemian Rhapsody

You know it’s rather easy to mock Americans for their stupidity but at some point you have to have a little patience and understanding because little American kids are constantly being spammed by misinformation. Case in point is the map above, which incredibly wrong on so many levels. This is a screenshot from a 1984… Read More ›