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Raw Homeless

Well just a couple of weeks ago I wrote about Mircea Badea and yesterday I woke up to read a rather nasty email from YouTube. The Antena Grup had reported me for “breach of copyright” for the tiny clip I had posted on Youtube of Mircea Badea savaging me and deleted the video. I then… Read More ›


A million Changs to you all

A million thanks to all of you for an awesome first day of my Kickstarter Project. It’s been great seeing all the excitement (hey, I’m excited too) and the RT’s on Twitter and the shares on Facebook and messages and emails and all the rest. Amazing! The weather also turned golden here today and it… Read More ›

Episode 7 – The Sibiu Medieval Festival

Holy mackerel, how long has it been since I posted a new episode? It’s been forever! Well as I mentioned earlier this week, the new computer is humming along beautifully and so now I can finally do what I want with all the footage I shot. Sad to say it but I filmed this festival… Read More ›