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The only way to catch a criminal is to BE a criminal!

Good Hitting Police

Word Count: 698 A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to visit the lovely city of Odessa in Ukraine. A casual comment got one supporter all riled up, which led me to write a lengthy response. Since then, I pointed the Unsleeping Eye towards activities in that neck of the woods, and discovered… Read More ›

The State Committee on Anti-Danger

KGB shoots down a Ukrainian drone

Gosh, I sure picked the right year to learn Russian! Last night, I saw Russian news channel L!feNews report that the Transnistrian KGB shot down a Ukrainian drone (literally bezpilotnik or “without pilot”). Since then I’ve seen several other Russian-language media outlets reporting the same thing. Unfortunately, scaremongering Ukrainian news sources (in Russian) have been… Read More ›