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Cultural Suicide

WORD COUNT: 1764 Well, I don’t think that it’s news to anyone any longer than the refugee crisis that I wrote about is now effecting serious changes on all of Europe. Last week, the EU member states (which include Romania, but not Moldova) had a vote and it split almost perfectly down the east/west axis,… Read More ›



WORD COUNT: 2008 You know, folks, the more I think about my last post, the more I realize just how much it connects to my article from last year entitled Pana la ultimii 100 de metri, and how all of this is being connected together for me in a new way that has truly opened… Read More ›

There, but for the grace of God, go us all

A Rising Tide of Misery

WORD COUNT: 2036 Wherever you live in the world, if you’ve turned on your television in the past few days, you know that Europe is currently being flooded by a tide of desperate immigrants. Whether drowning off the coast of Libya or just barely managing to set foot on dry land on a remote Greek… Read More ›