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the new cool trend in Romania

Numai Oua

After a Romanian court felt sorry for a pitiful, confused old man and gave him a brief respite for Christmas, now twice-convicted former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase was carted off to jail two nights ago. Officially sentenced to four years, it’s doubtful he’ll serve more than 12 months due to the way the spineless justice… Read More ›

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A commercial enterprise of the people, by the people and for the people

I often complain about a real lack of transparency in Romania but there is one notable exemption – the activities of the parliament are duly noted and rapidly updated on its website. Likewise, although there’s no American-style CSPAN with a live feed of the parliament floor, the media (and public) are allowed to witness the… Read More ›

All aboard!

The Wheels of the Corruption Bus Go Round and Round

Well today is the Fourth of July, otherwise known as Independence Day in the United States, or, as my friend calls it, “Happy America Day”, which doesn’t mean a whole lot to me here in Romania but it’s still a faint but pleasant reminder of where I came from when someone sends me a message… Read More ›