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Word of the Day: Vagány

Do you remember those three words which meant “cool” in Romanian, especially the word tare? If you do, you remember that the root meaning of the original word is “strong” or “heavy” or “tough” and the like. Today’s word is: vagány. Hopa! This is an entirely Hungarian word and never used in Romanian. I went… Read More ›

Slang Word of the Day: Beton

You might remember my posts on the slang usage of the words marfa and tare, both of which mean “cool” or “awesome” or “brilliant”. Now here’s yet another word with similar meanings: beton (beh-tone). The standard meaning of this noun, borrowed directly from the French, is “concrete” as in the ancient mixture of sand and… Read More ›

Slang Word of the Day: Marfa

I think one of my favorite slang words in Romania is marfă (mar-fuh), although I don’t use it very often. The standard use of the word marfa is as a noun to indicate “cargo” or “manufactured goods” or sometimes “freight”, borrowed directly from a Hungarian word (márha) that means cattle or livestock. In slang usage… Read More ›