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I said to the Bucharest man, "Do you speak-a my language?"

Akum noi toti govarim pa romaneste

Ever since I read The Brass Check on my first e-reader about 10 years ago (yep), I’ve been fascinated by which news stories that people who are hyper-aware of the media know about and which stories seem to drift into the general population’s consciousness, as if my magic osmosis. Last night I was doing yet… Read More ›

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The Russian who saved Romania

Die Stadt Bukarest ist von meinen Truppen besetzt

In working on my iPad book (which had some technical errors and needed to be re-submitted – should be ready soon!), I was reminded of the curious fact that Iaşi was the capital of all of Romania from 1916-1918. That’s an interesting piece of trivia but quite frankly I never knew why the government left… Read More ›

The playground of politicians

Constitution Hill

Well yesterday the parliamentary commission on modifying the Romanian constitution submitted their proposed changes, with all of the Romanian members voting “aye” (in favor) and the lone Hungarian voting “nay” (against) because the proposed changes did not frame the issue of regionalization the way the UDMR (Hungarian party) wanted nor was there any wording about… Read More ›