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The Secret History of the CIA in Romania

I think just about everyone knows the general outline of the events (in Europe) of World War 2. A strident Adolf Hitler leads Nazi Germany to expand into Austria and parts of Czechoslovakia and then invades Poland in 1939. This triggers Britain and France to enter the war. The Nazis and their allies in Italy… Read More ›


What’s it good for?

I saw with only a modicum of surprise that Romania signed the papers to buy 12 F-16 fighter planes from Portugal the other day for a cost of 638 million euros. This plan has been in the works forever as the United States has been pressuring Bucharest hard for years to buy these planes and… Read More ›


Foggy Bottom Blues

I’m not going to write continuously about Wikileaks and politics on this blog so this will be my last piece for the moment. But I do have a few additional things to add here, as last night I realized I’m coming at this from a far different perspective than most of my readers, Romanian or… Read More ›