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I'm not a greaseball mafia don but I play one on TV

Lay on, Macduff!

I have to admit that yesterday my curiosity was greatly piqued by the way certain information was transmitted. The big “super immunity” story, by which the Romanian Parliament re-classified themselves as private sector employees in order to escape jurisdiction by the anti-corruption agencies, was a hot topic all over Romanian media yesterday. What surprised me… Read More ›

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Fury Unleashed

I’ve got to be completely honest right upfront and admit that writing a lengthy article about the summer of 1941 here in Romania is probably about the worst mistake I’ve ever made here on the blog. For one thing, most people will find it boring and not even read it and secondly, those who do… Read More ›

The Russian who saved Romania

Die Stadt Bukarest ist von meinen Truppen besetzt

In working on my iPad book (which had some technical errors and needed to be re-submitted – should be ready soon!), I was reminded of the curious fact that Iaşi was the capital of all of Romania from 1916-1918. That’s an interesting piece of trivia but quite frankly I never knew why the government left… Read More ›