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My 2 new awesome EROTIC ADVENTURE stories for adults

Read my TWO new books for free!

WORD COUNT: 1700 Oh sweet, I wrote two awesome new books! Oh wait, did I mention these two books are very explicit adult books with very vivid descriptions of intimate acts? Yikes! I know, I know. For some of you, it’s kind of a shock that I’m now branching out into writing “porno” books. But… Read More ›

The Colony cover

The Colony Giveaway!

Finally! After a ton of hard work, my new book The Colony is now on sale. Yes! Not only did I have a ton of fun writing this book, the “beta” readers who got advanced copies of this book love it too. It’s been really great hearing the enthusiasm from people who have enjoyed reading… Read More ›


The Transylvania Book Fair

After all the research lately into taxes, politics and business, I thought it was time for an unequivocally positive story from around these parts. Last weekend here in Unicorn City was the first Transylvania Book Fair (link to Romanian news article about it here). There are a couple of other book fairs which come to… Read More ›