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La Noi Ca La Nimeni

Wow! I know technically it’s a violation of Romanian Cultural Law to even say this but the truth is I had a wonderful time in Bucharest. Walked off the plane and there was someone right there waiting for me, holding up a sign that said “Sam Cel Roman”. If that isn’t the coolest thing, I… Read More ›

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Sweet Llamas of the Bahamas!

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe this is the very first independent review of this blog ever! Dulce-i vinul: Recently, I came across a new blog that is virtually the cultural equivalent of Filius Lunae’s raw linguistics focus for Romanian: I’m more Romanian than Thou. The blog’s author, Sam, is an American who moved to Romania,… Read More ›

Slang Word of the Day: Fain

Sometimes words in Romanian are right on the cusp between slang and “standard” use, a blend between being considered informal, perhaps even vulgar use and an ordinary, common word. You wouldn’t use these words in a job application but it wouldn’t shock your grandmother to say them. One such adjective is the Romanian word fain,… Read More ›