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A slap in the face

Linsajul Mediatic

One of the great downfalls of having values is that you have to defend the rights of utter scumbags. Over in America, a batshine insane preacher is on his deathbed and most people are cheering his impending demise while only a porn star has the mental acuity to acknowledge his contributions to free speech in… Read More ›

Madam, permit me to say that I think you're as sweet and beautiful as a Romanian radiator

Crazy Andy Resigns

Well according to Mediafax, Crazy Andy “Andrei” Marga has resigned from his post as head of the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) due to “political” defamation. In short, last year during the coup, the USL used an “emergency ordinance” to transfer control of the ICR away from the president and gave it to the parliament. The… Read More ›