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The Good, the Delicious, and the Ugly

Word Count: 620 The other day, I took the following photograph of a carrot I bought at Chisinau’s wild and crazy central market: If I told you that I paid 3.5 MLD/kg for it, or less than $0.03/lb (0.16 euro/kg), you’d probably just shrug your shoulders and say, “Eh, that’s Moldova for you”. But I’m… Read More ›


Bianna Golodryga

Word Count: 198 Well folks, I’ve been living here in Moldova for more than a year now, and even married myself a local woman, but I have heard almost nothing about famous Moldovans. Oh sure, there are some, particularly noted musicians and dancers that enjoy great success in the Soviet Era, as well as one… Read More ›


Family Tradition

Hey DJ, you mind cuing up a good song for this article? Thanks, bro. Time for a shout out as the song loads. Aceasta melodia este dedicata din partea mea, Sam Cel Roman, pentru toti fratiorii mei pe care au ridicat un pahar bun, sau rulat o marfa buna cu mine, si a stat de… Read More ›