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Baby Killers: Part 2

Well time for a little update on yesterday’s post because I found some additional information. To begin with, it looks like TVR did send a camera crew down to the hospital to get some footage and do (slightly) some more follow-up so bravo to them at least for that (the other networks did nothing more… Read More ›

Filthy Baby Killers

Well I have about a billion other things to do today but my inbox has been blowing up about a story from my ancient nemesis, Alison Mutler so I guess I’ll have to address it. The unsleeping eye actually picked this up last week but if you haven’t seen it yet, here is the original… Read More ›


Lonely In Purple

Now hang on just a dang minute. The unsleeping eye picked up that Roberta Anastase, who has been the source of a lot of trouble on this blog, was celebrating her birthday today. Well that’s no big deal as we all have birthdays. But then I read this: Preşedintele Camerei Deputaţilor, Roberta Anastase, a declarat… Read More ›