Comment Policy – Unless you’re a spammer, you can say what you like. I don’t censor anyone for disagreeing with me.

But because a lot of “robot” (automated scripts) spammers constantly try to leave comments, the way it works is that I have to approve comments before they appear on the site. Usually once you’ve proven you’re a human, you can post comments without having to wait for my authorization but if you’re a first-time commenter you might have to wait a day (or two) for me to sort through the queue.

Honestly, some days there’s as many as 20-25 spam bullshit comments, including some in Chinese (why, I have no idea) so there’s just no way for me to turn automatic commenting on.

Privacy Policy – On one of the side columns, you can enter in your email address to receive updates from this blog sent to your inbox. This is all done automatically via WordPress (the host of this blog). I never see it. In fact, I don’t even know how to see it. Even if I did know how to access it, I will never use those email addresses for absolutely anything. I’ve got nothing to sell to you and I have no interest in selling your name or info or anything else to anyone.

If for some reason you think someone got your email address from here, you need to contact WordPress about it as I assure you it wasn’t me.

Any comment, message, verbal conversation or anything else that anyone tells me ever will never be reproduced on this blog with it being attributed to you except:

1) You’re a public person and speaking publicly as part of your job/duty
2) You give me express written permission to do so

Therefore if I see the mayor of Cluj walking his dog and he tells me something, that’s not something meant for the public. If you send me an email, I won’t use it here (with any kind of identifier). I’ve written thousands of articles and I always just say “a person told me” or “a guy said” or something like that.

If it’s in the newspaper or published on a (public) blog, obviously that’s fair game as it’s “in the public” as part of someone’s “job/duty”.

Usage policy – If you want to repost, quote, link or otherwise re-use anything I’ve written, photographed, filmed or otherwise produced, go ahead. Also, if you want to translate something I wrote into another language, help yourself.

Just be sure to link back or attribute it to where you got it.

Advertising Policy – I have no interest whatsoever in hosting your ads or banners or anything else. I write here for my personal pleasure, not to whore myself out for your goods and services.

Currently, WordPress forces me to either pay them to show no ads or to allow me to permit THEIR ads (and their ads only) so right now I allow just their ads at the bottom of the screen. This basically just allows me to host the blog for free on my own domain, with enough change left over to buy a cup of coffee once or twice a month.

I have no need for anyone to click on ads or refresh the page a million times or anything like that as it doesn’t help me or anyone else. If you want to block the ads or ignore them, help yourself. If you see something you like, click at your own volition as I get nothing out of it.

Got something to say? Try to be nice!

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