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Yes! I have a food blog, which is called Living Food, Living Better. It’s my personal exploration into food, water, health, better living and what that means, not just on some theoretical, academic level but as put into practice in my very own life. Unfortunately, I haven’t updated it in a few years, but I plan to do so soon (Aug 2015 is when I am writing this).

I love cats a lot, and I occasionally write about them on this site (King of Romania) but if you want tons and tons of awesome cat love, including my book about cats, this is my website for that.

If you’re looking for the complete details of where and how to find, read excerpts of, and buy all of my books, click on the link.

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I am also the author of The Tao of Twitter. This blog is not recommended for general reading.

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  1. I’m trying to be raw-vegan too :P I was one for a few months but then the American work&travel summer came up and I started to eat cheese and milk again.. Now, once in a while, I still eat cheese..but I hope not for long :) being raw-vegan has so many positive aspects! you feel great! I added this blog in my list too :P


    • :D:D


  2. Just a suggestion: make the links to the Zazzle site with the HTML “target=”_blank”. That way people will go to the external site but still be on your site.


    • Although operating a bunsseis sounds cool and all that. However precise fact, I think you have to form a schedule so that you don’t get too involved. I favored that things you talked about “lifestyles is steadiness”. Possibly hiring someone do your paintings is a great idea.


  3. Well my wonderful friend, I’m so glad you are still treating your body with love :)


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