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After The Flood Had Swept Over, The Kingship Was In Kish

February 29, 2012

Just about every week someone new asks me to justify why I live in Romania. I guess I should start a new category of posts just to list all of these answers, which are far too numerous to fit into a single article. One of the simplest reasons is cash money, (pronounced kish by most… Read More ›

Last Word For Now

Okay really, I promise this is the last word for now. It was just too funny to pass up: Te-ai certat cu şeful? Te supără soacra? Te strâng pantofii? Cineva e gata să te asculte la Ambasada SUA. Or in English (my translation): Have you argued with your boss? Is your mother-in-law pissing you off?… Read More ›


Cat Scandal!

Folks, I’m sorry to say this but it looks like my cats have also been caught up in the Wikileaks scandals. Noodles (on top in the picture above) was implicated in a 2007 scheme to defraud neighborhood cats of valuable napping time. Mr. Zig (bottom in picture above) is a well-known “Feline Baron” in Romania,… Read More ›