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First snow of the year!

Wow, awesome I just saw the first genuine snowflakes falling here in beautiful Unicorn City. The above video isn’t from today but from something I shot back on February 13 when everyone was talking about the “White Apocalypse” and freaking out about the snow. I know a lot of people don’t like snow or complain… Read More ›


10 ways to stay cool when it’s hot outside

Well as I’ve mentioned, it’s already been one long hot summer and it looks like we’ve got a few more weeks to go before it cools down. So how does one stay cool when it’s plenty hot outside? One never knows, now does one? :P All kidding aside, I’ve lived all over the world, including… Read More ›


The top end of gorgeous

I must say that here in Romania we are having one of the most beautiful summers ever. Winter here can be brutal, gray and dismal but it’s all worth it when you have these incredibly long days of clear sunny heat, hot without being overly brutal, and a refreshing breeze at night that is just… Read More ›